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TUCS – The Upcycling Studio

TUCS, also known as The Upcycling Studio, is a workshop studio where objects such as damaged furniture, shattered glass, broken toys, ripped clothes, plastic etc. are readapted in an innovative manner and where new original home decor products are created in a worthwhile fashion. TUCS allows people to attend workshops, visit exhibitions, recycle, pick up and sort out trash. This initiative will help change the dreadful amount of waste being dumped into our sea and nature, and create an everlasting end-product.

Just as a butterfly lives half of its life as a caterpillar, the same process goes for any item or product that comes across TUCS. This was the initial concept behind the logo design. All material used for the identity is made out of recycled products.


Student :

Maya Jurdak


Fall 2020


Logo Design, Stationery Items, Corporate Identity Manual, Digital Adaptation, Signs