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A4 Landscape Flyer, Poster, Letterhead Mockup
raneem sakr
A4 Landscape Flyer, Poster, Letterhead Mockup
A4 Landscape Flyer, Poster, Letterhead Mockup
A4 Landscape Flyer, Poster, Letterhead Mockup

Infographic Posters

Choose your Type
How do graphic designers choose the typeface to use in a project? The information presented are based on a survey done for 60 LAU students majoring in Graphic Design. The purpose is to understand how design students select their fonts when they have a new project to work on.

My Privacy
How much privacy do I really have in my own room? This statistic displays the average collected over 4 days. Whether the privacy was invaded by a parent or a sibling, every minute was recorded. Each door represents a family member, the height is for the duration of invasion and the shades of colors are for the activity each member performs in the room.

fka psychic apparatus
This infographic was created for the purpose of immersing the viewer in a visual psychoanalysis. Using Sigmund Freud’s psychic apparatus, the poster categorizes fka twigs’ discography, based on the lyrics, into songs of id, ego and superego. Each flower represents a song. Color was added to be able to visually discern each category having yellow as id, pink as ego and turquoise as superego.

Public Taxis: A walk to enjoy or to avoid?
Taxis in Lebanon, regardless if pedestrians are in need, either honk, stop or sometimes ask where they are going by a simple hand gesture. Recording a 10 min daily walk to the university over 3 days, the student was able to mark the number of taxis beeping, stopping and using hand gestures on 3 different roads at 3 different times of the day.

Hamra Traffic Dynamic
In many streets in Lebanon, while driving, vehicles shift lanes or stop accidentally or even double park. This inforgraph illustrates this fact based on a recording over three days on Hamra street.


Choose your type: Rawan Hachem, 2011 | My Privacy: Raneem Sakr, 2012 | fka psychic apparatus: George Hanna, 2018 | Public Taxis: A walk to enjoy or to avoid?: Sima Hboubati, 2010 | Hamra Traffic Dynamic: Yara Khraibini, 2010