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Fushat Amal

Fushat Amal = Space for Hope

ACT – Act for the disappeared, in collaboration with ICRC, created a platform to identify,
remember and pay homage to the people missing during the Lebanon civil war
and reestablish their legitimate place in society.
The platform opens to a virtual memorial with the name of all 17,000 disappeared.

The logo, based on ACT logo, is designed using the names of the missing.
The faded silhouette, is progressively revealing new names as a sign of hope for families.

The platform

This digital interactive space aiming at collecting and publishing the stories of more than seventeen thousand people
who disappeared during the Lebanese wars and whose families have been without news for decades.
The goal is to give a face, a name and a life to these unknown victims.

 The site provides the possibility for relatives of the missing people to add cases, include biographic information,
data on their disappearance, pictures, videos, as well as testimonies.